PA System

Public Address System

Popularly known as Public Address System, this mainly consists of equipment like loudspeakers, amplifiers, and microphones. Wherever there is any requirement of announcements, performances, Public Address System comes into action. This is increasingly common in stadiums, live performances, record houses, etc. Multiple microphones, amplifiers, and speakers and other sound sources conjointly serve as a mixing console for booming volume and extensive distribution.

Also widely used in bars, clubs, the auditorium in schools, public announcements, enables the occupants to answer to the announcements. It has been designed to elevate the perceptible human voice or other audio instruments.

Public Address System price in India starting from ₹5000/- onwards

How does it work?

  • Microphone helps in magnifying the volume of the sound originating from audio devices.
  • Microphones of condenser variety can defy the elements and create high-quality audio signals.
  • Mixer permits the sound originating from various channels to broadcast at, unlike levels.
  • CD tracks can be plugged into the Public Address system.
  • Amplifier might be used in parallel or in combination with the mixer. It manipulates the frequency variants.
  • The decibel quality of the sound emitting from the speakers is termed as Amplifier gain.
  • Loudspeaker system might include woofers to result in tumultuous volume, a few might also comprise of crossover systems.

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