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Video intercom installations : keeping you in total control!!

With modern life getting increasing busy, complex and insecure, it is important to have video intercom systems for large apartment complexes that have a dedicated security and reception infrastructure. This technology is very useful for hotels, hospital, hostels and even small apartment complexes. You can say in simple words that you can record upto 90,000 images and 300 hours of footage through one video control box that has terminals in every building. Ask your security vendors to offer the following at the best prices in order to preserve the life and property of your loved ones.

Video Door Phone System price in India starting from ₹4600/- onwards

  • Multi door intercom installation
  • Video intercom installation
  • Video door phone installation
  • Wireless intercom installation
  • Intercom installation for home
  • Video door entry installation
  • Video door phone installation
  • VDP solutions

Indoor Unite

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Flat Outdoor Camera

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Indoor Unite

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Fingerprint Device

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Uni elocks

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video door bell

Video door bell


Here's how your digital gatekeeper works round the clock?

As soon as a visitor knocks at the security control, he is asked to enter the floor number, the machine retrieves the name of the person and dials his apartment. After the receiver has confirmed the entry of the guest, the lift comes down and takes the visitor to the designated floor. So, in effect it works as a lift control system also. Vehicles entering the building are asked to halt at the security control gate where the gatekeeper, dials the number of the apartment. When the person inside the apartment, receives the call he or she can see the video of the car entering the apartment complex and give a verbal approval. Once the guest reaches the apartment, he can knock the door and his knock can be answered through the video door phone system. For offices, wireless intercom solution is the best as one can see the activities of all the people in the office from a remote location and even save the footage for retrieval at a later time.

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